Sadasha Fulmore
Graduate from Delaware
Valley Charter School 6/2011
attends Montgomery
Community College Majoring
in Psychology and transferring
to South Carolina University.    
Shawna's House Inc.   takes a village
Niemah Johnson
Graduate from Scared Heart
High School 6/2012 attending
Temple University 8/2012  
Majoring in Biology.
Sieanna Fulmore
Graduate from Mastery
Charter School 6/2012
attending Montgomery
Community College 8/2012
Majoring in Criminal Justice
and transferring to the Police
Brianna Clark
Graduate from Philadelphia
Girls High School 6/2012
attending Cheyney University
8/2012 Majoring in Graphic
We are proud of their many accomplishments & as Shawna's House Inc.
members we are confident they will achieve their goals & with great success!!
Teen Chat Room Alumni

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