Shawna's House Teen Chat Room is a place where teens will have a voice and converse
with peers under the guidance of positive adult mentors on topics that relate to teens and
their development to adulthood.
The mentoring network is open to all teens (male & female) from all walks of life.
Shawna's House Teen Chat Room offers group sessions & one to one mentoring.

Mentoring Network Mission: Shawna's House Teen Chat Room is dedicated to enhancing
the lives of teens ages 13 to 18 by providing the tools that will in turn help develop them
into their full potential, capable of making positive choices and become responsible
productive adults.

Mentoring Network Vision: The goal of Shawna's House Teen Chat Room is to allow teens
to have a voice while engaging among their peers with positive adult mentor guidance. It
is a mentoring network that will build confidence, respect for self and others, improve self
worth and identify their life's purpose and passion.

Mentoring Network Goal:
  • Teens learn to take charge and focus on what they can influence rather than          
    what is out of their control
  • Teens learn to demand the best of themselves and accept responsibility for          
    their actions and attitudes
  • Teens learn the importance of communicating and teamwork
  • Teens understand the importance of education
  • Teens learn to value diversity and be confident in themselves so they are                
    free to accept the differences of others
  • Teens learn when to work independently and when to ask for needed help
  • Teens and mentors learn that they have the ability to make a difference in              
    their lives and someone else's life
  • Long-term relationships between teens and mentors are developed through                
    a mutual respect for different points of view

For more information contact:

Shawna K Clark: Phone:  267-685-6176     Email:
Chef Brian Clark: Phone: 215-586-3005     Email:

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**2012-2013 GroupSessions
will be held @  
Northeast Regional Library
2228 Cottman Ave Phila. Pa
@ 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Every 1st Saturday Oct.-June
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