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Opening the door to a better you...
                Happiness, what is that exactly?

The definition of the word happy is to be satisfied. Some of us say we
are happy but in fact we are still searching for happiness.
Society has forced us to believe that we have to have "stuff" to make us
completely happy or should I say "satisfied".  We want more money, a
better job, luxuries and better relationships. This powerful concept has
us believing what we have is not enough. What we are is not enough.

Most of the time when we describe ourselves in a happy state of mind we
are actually behaving and thinking how we are suppose to be-ourselves.
It is when we are trying to be some one or something that we are not that
we become unhappy....this again comes from the "idea" of we have to
have or be more "stuff".

Happiness is an emotion, something that one feels. Problem is we will
need to be able to recognize this feeling of happiness and learn to
channel in on it. So many are confused about their own feelings of
happiness because theirs is smothered by someone else's idea and the
person is striving to be more.

Some of us have figured it out and most of us are still a work in progress.
Close your eyes and think about the last time you truly laughed out
loud, the last time that you felt and gave genuine love. What made you
feel warm and cozy inside, what gives you pure delight? Are you
working that job just because? Are you in that relationship just because?
Stop and define "your" happiness.
Become the better more happier you. This way you can achieve "your"
goals. Everything seems out of your reach because you have not relaxed
your mind and defined your happiness. When we are happy we are
ourselves.  In a happy state of mind we can create and make the world
see the person we are meant to be. Happiness must come from within....

Shawna K Clark
Shawna K Clark is NOT a licensed therapist and is merely offering her opinion to anyone
interested. Seek and entertain these opinions at your own free will without liability.