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Conversing Couples...Sometimes three is not a crowd takes a village
Shawna's House Conversing Couples is a social network for couples.

Sometimes three is not a crowd. Often times couples are looking for others that
can relate to their living situation. Someone who understands the family life style,
the routine of going to work and coming home to a partner, or coming home to a
partner and children.  Couples are in search of someone who understands the
difficulties of a marriage, that sometimes there is an argument but no love is lost,
or the frustration of finding quality time.

Being within a relationship is work and the job becomes a little easier when you
have an understanding support network. A circle of friends with similar life styles
and mind set, a circle that can relate and offer guidance, suggestions and or a
listening ear.

Per the United States Census divorce rates are over 40% since 2009 and on the rise.
Shawna's House Conversing Couples is a social network focused on keeping
couples together, building strong family units and creating an avenue for couples
to socialize with other couples with similar values, life styles and mind sets.

Shawna's House Conversing Couples meet in a relaxed social environment once a
month to talk about issues within a relationship.

For more information about participating in the next networking event contact
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