"This is the beginning of my journey to my Community Center- Shawna’s House
Inc.. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a channel to help others. I
am often the “Go to” person for friends and family. They discuss their issues and
joys with me and ask for advice. I am a honest direct individual and I do not
sugar coat!"    ~Shawna K Clark

Shawna K Clark is a Hispanic female born and raised in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania where she still resides. She is a wife since 1999, a mother of four
children (a blended family), a daughter, sister and friend. Works a full time job as
a mortgage underwriter, a part-time student working toward a degree in Marriage
Family/Relationship Therapy, a court appointed youth advocate, youth mentor,
life coach and blogger. She wears many hats and loves each one of the roles she
plays in life.

Shawna has been a youth mentor for several years and is often involved in
various community service projects within Philadelphia, PA and various areas.
Mentoring, life coaching and service projects have become Shawna's life passion.
Often people feel misunderstood and alone. It is important for everyone to know
and have the resources that  there is a support system for them and a safe place for
them to be themselves. Being involved in the community is a must because the
community is our home, where we live, work and socialize.

Shawna has recognized the needs for teens, couples and individuals hence the
creation of Shawna's House Inc. in 2011...
because it takes a village...

Shawna will be teaching
Financial Literacy to an
Elementary Class in the
Philadelphia School

Shawna's House became
Shawna's House Inc.       
A non-profit organization.

Shawna will be a guest
speaker discussing goals
& visions at Canton
Village Women's
Recovery Center

1st Applebee's Pancake
Breakfast Scholarship
Fundraiser for SH TCR

Shawna will be a guest
speaker discussing peer
pressure & choices at
Olivet's Boys & Girls Club
for Hearts of Harmony of
Shawna became a Court
Appointed Special
Advocate for CASA
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About Shawna K Clark
...it takes a village

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