About Shawna


About Shawna
Thank you for visiting my Blog for- Shawna’s House Inc. A Non Profit organization. I hope to entertain you and hopefully motivate you to become a better you!
Starting this Blog is the beginning of my journey to my own Community Center-Shawna’s House Inc.. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a channel to help others. I am often the “Go to” person for friends and family. They discuss their issues and joys with me and ask for advice. I am an honest direct individual and I do not sugar coat! Until the grand opening of Shawna’s House Inc. this blog and Shawna’s House Inc. website will serve as one of my vessels to reach out to others.
Shawna K Clark is a Hispanic female born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I still reside. I am a wife since 1999, a mother of four children, a daughter, sister and friend. I work a full time job as a mortgage underwriter, am a part-time student working toward a degree in Marriage Family/Relationship Therapy and I am also a youth Mentor.
I am often involved in various community service activities throughout the city of Philadelphia as well.
I enjoy traveling to new places, eating at different restaurants, spending quality time with friends and family also reading and writing poetry. One of my life must do’s is I must travel to a new place during the week of my birthday-July 16th.Yup that makes my zodiac sign a Cancer and boy do I live up to its full description!!
I love my busy life. If I was not always on the go doing something I would be bored. In fact, my husband often says I do not know how to relax. I also have to keep up with the happenings of today. I am a parent of 3 teenage kids. My husband and I have a blended family-the modern term for not using the word “step” in front of parent or child.We raise all four children together in our home without division and as one family unit.
I became a mother at the age of 18 years old. My biological children are 1 son and 1 daughter and my blend is 1 son and 1 daughter. Our 2 girls are the oldest being 5 months apart. My husband and I have our son together who is the youngest of the 4. Actually our youngest son is 8 years younger than our other son and 10 years younger than our 2 daughters. I know I know what were we thinking? Well we were thinking of our love. Creating a life that would bond our family and be a combination of our genes. 

This Blog will have post of my daily activities, my past experiences and various topics that may be on my mind. I welcome all comments, questions and suggestions. So with that said let’s talk…
Lots of Love

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