Love is…

  Falling in love means what today? Being a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and or wife means what? Some have no clue. There are several ways one could and would answer these questions. It is rhetorical. Questions for you to think about and ask yourself and answer.

When relationships begin there are endless conversations into the midnight hours, giggles, and blushes. Everything feels and sounds perfect. Butterflies in your stomach and nervousness take over you when you are going to see this new potential love. Hour upon hours of quality time begin to add up.

Then a commitment is made to each other. The conversations begin to dwindle down, giggles turn into smirks, and your face is more relaxed. The nervous tension is calm and you both fall into a comfort zone. A place of peace, trust, content and yes-love.

This comfort zone is when things can take a turn in the relationship. It could range from not spending the quality time, no longer complimenting each other, and or romancing your partner (to name a few). The extreme could be a feeling “I can do no wrong” so wrong is what I’ll do because he/she will not leave me. Infidelity creeps in-possibly. However, not always. The trust is violated-sometimes, again not always. Does this mean the love is lost? Did all the initial feelings die with time? Some will say yes and others will say no.

At the end of the day, it does not matter what anyone says, does, and or feels. The only feeling and words that matter are your own. Only you will know what you can or cannot tolerate. We should all take responsibility for our roles and actions within our relationships. Things change because we-you change. People will treat you the way you allow them to treat you.

People can only react and respond to what has been brought to their attention. If you are not happy-let it be known. If you need more out of the relationship- let it be known. If you miss the “good old days”- let it be known. Make a change. Make a stance for love. Make a difference for yourself and your love.

Love can be a beautiful and wonderful thing. Everyone deserves a love of their own.


Random thoughts of Shawna K Clark- Founder of Shawna’s House Inc.


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