We hide behind the doors, the walls we build. The things we are afraid of.

We hind behind right and wrong, the things we believe in.

But when there’s an opening we run, we run from what we are afraid of.

I once knew this girl who couldn’t get away. A girl that couldn’t break that wall,

A girl who was too afraid of what she believed in.

Our beliefs are what make us who we are.

But she thought differently.

She knew if she came out from behind that wall, she knew she will soon go back,

Go back to that afraid girl she once saw.

So she stayed, she stayed afraid of something she couldn’t break,

Something she didn’t even know, something that kept her terrified, alone and unbearable. Something she couldn’t pronounce.

But one day she came out to reveal, to herself, her mind,

To the world that it was her own self

She was who she was once afraid of.


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