Daily Thoughts



Each and every day I think about a million things.  I wake up with thoughts of what today will be like.  My thoughts are so random and focused at the same time.  My thoughts are simple and complicated at the same time.

My thoughts range from:

Brushing my teeth for 2 minutes,

To what I will eat for breakfast,

Getting the kids to school on time,

Praying for safety and protection throughout the day,

Making it to work on time hoping work will be different,

Praying for new opportunities to come my way,

To be a better person,

To learn more,

To earn more financial freedom,

To make someone’s day special,

What will I cook for dinner?

Getting through countless homework assignments,

Making sure I’m still fresh and exciting for my husband-so he doesn’t see the frustration of disappointment I have for myself every day,

How to start a business,

How to make a difference,

How to be more than I am now,

Make time for a workout or not

Then I think did I breathe today??

So, I stop to breathe for a second…

Inhale deeply…

Exhale long…

To begin my next thought so quickly…

What will I wear for work?

Did I sign the reading log?

What job application will I fill out today?

What do I want to do?

Then lights out its bed time…

Now I rest, or so I thought…

Now my thoughts get deeper

My thoughts rewind and think about all the things I didn’t do and begin to make a list of what has to get done tomorrow.

As I wake up feeling like I haven’t slept in years my thoughts return to routine.


Written by Rhonda Lewis a contributing writer and Board of Director Member/Executive Assistant for Shawna’s House Inc.


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