Friday 12.14.2012

I heard a sermon today that touched me. It was about our children then a secondary message that was about me. There is purpose behind everything. Sometimes it is extremely clear what that is and then other times it can take a life time to figure out.

On Friday 12/14/12 early morning, I received a phone call from my youngest son’s teacher that my son would receive an award during the day’s award ceremony and that it would be nice for a family member to attend and witness it. I could not attend, my husband could  not attend, so I sent the next best person-my mother in law.

My son received an award for 2nd honors and an award for being an outstanding student. To my understanding there was a special speech made regarding my son’s excellent behavior and how he is every teacher’s dream student. My son is a 2nd grade student, 7 years old. My husband and I are so proud of him. We celebrated his accomplishments with him once we got home.

The day was a special day for us. However, Friday 12/14/12 was not so special for some other parents. It will be a day that will never be forgotten but in a horrific way. The day marked a day that 20+ Newton, Connecticut parents will never forget…because their children died. Their children will not reach their 18th birthday. 20 children between the ages of 5 to 10 will not have their own children, and will not see another day. I was sad I could not attend the award ceremony and my heart ached and became heavy when I thought of the parents who will not be able to do anything for their children; ever again.

How dare I be upset and or sad about something so trivial? Prayerfully, I will attend another award ceremony and witness for myself my son’s accomplishments. But this in no way is a comparison to what 20+ other parents were feeling at the same time as me.

No words can express the pain, no words can express the emotions, no words can offer comfort, and no words can offer them healing right now. We can only offer support, we can pray for their strength, for their courage, and for their healing.

The sermon I heard today mentioned how evil can destroy us. Evil can take us out and the worse impact would be to stop our evolution by taking our children. Stopping the growth, stopping the education, stopping the ability to reproduce and populate. We need to protect our youth. We need to have more laws in place and people in positions to secure our future.

From the movie Immortals: “When a child buries a parent we are at peace…When a parent buries a child we are at war.”  We are at war and sad we are fighting ourselves. We have guns, drugs, hatred, and senseless violence surrounding us. When do we wake up and realize the battle has just begun and something, anything must be done?

What can we do? And what WILL we do?

 Shawna K Clark – Founder of Shawna’s House Inc.


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