Senseless Murders

The murder numbers continue to rise. The crimes continue to multiply. Tears are shed, families are torn apart, and worse children are parentless. And for what? Because some man or woman thought it would be the best way to show someone that they mean business? That they are tough? That they are not to be played with-really? A life is worth someone making an example of?? Seriously?

Murder is happening everywhere. This is one thing that I know for certain. But today, I am talking about where I live, the City of Philadelphia, formally known as the City of Brotherly Love. I personally have lost family members to murder, years ago in 1998 and as recent as 2011. I had friends that have been murdered that did not have an opportunity to live an adult life and I know of children who will grow up without their mother and or father.

It hurts to hear these stories even the stories where I am not directly connected to the victim. It’s hurtful because they are senseless murders, no rhyme, no reason, and no valid purpose behind its action… A lot of murders are due to guns today, illegal guns at that. Why are we carrying guns at the age of 15 and younger etc.  Some of us carry to protect ourselves from a possible threat against our lives. Then there are others (many, in fact) that carry simply because they think they should uphold a certain image. You know that “I’m a bad ass” image. I am sorry but this type of mentality does not make you “a bad ass” and or “tough”. It makes you a part of the problem.

How can these things change, what will make the change happen? I cannot say for certain but what I can say is for parents today to start with their own children. Teach, preach, and practice self-respect and respect for others. Values and Morales; Conflict resolution and anger management, self-worth and the worth of life period- small steps can lead to big steps…

To date for 2012 there are over 250 murders (homicides) documented for the City of Philadelphia (information provided from and I am certain sure as I am breathing that the number will rise and that the number does not include many murders that have not come to light.

We as Philadelphians have to make as stance to do better and expect better. Give up names and the where about of criminals. Educate and protect our youth (our future) and adults. Support and comfort a person who lost a loved one. End silence to potentially stop violence. Get up and get involved, do something to make a difference.

From one Philadelphian to another…Shawna K Clark founder of Shawna’s House Inc.

“He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it”

~Lucius Annaeus Seneca


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