Assumptions and making an ass out of yourself

You never know what someone is thinking or feeling. You see what one does and says from the outside only. Last time I checked, none of us are mind readers. So the question I am asking is: why do we continue to assume that we know what someone is thinking and feeling?

People hide behind smiles, clothes, makeup, hair, fake laughter, alcohol, drugs, and even others. Many are covering up what they do not want others to know. Many are even covering up what they do not want to admit to themselves. I call it the Band-Aid.

There are sayings and quotes that many live by that make them feel as if they should hide, cover up, and wear a Band-Aid…pssh what would the world be like if we all “truly” showed how we really feel…that’s something to wonder about…

For now, I would plead that we stop assuming we know what we do not and start asking questions. This may mean asking questions to others and even yourself. Everyone is going through “something” it may be similar to what you are going through and maybe not. I dare you to- ask, someone “how are you doing? I mean “really” doing?” Offer to just listen not advise. So often we are just starving for someone to listen to us…

The definition of assume- to take for granted or without proof.

We as people take for granted that we know people. Or that we understand people. Do you even know yourself? Your ex-boyfriend and or ex-girlfriend is smiling, laughing, and looking great and you assume that he/she is doing better than you. Your mother or father is an alcoholic-a functional alcoholic and you know; do you ever ask why, or are you okay, “really” okay? Your son or daughter spends a lot of time outside of the home and not really with the family-you assume he/she is having a social life. Have you asked if he/she is happy? If he/she enjoys being home? You know someone that appears to be sad, lonely, and wearing a Band-Aid; did you ever reach out? Honestly-Reach out? Your spouse appears happy and in love- you assume your marriage is great…Why not ask if that is the case…

People are in self-depression, people are pretending to be happy-when they are not. People are actually killing themselves mentally…suicidal in fact…

I have a tiny theory that I believe it is- small steps lead to big steps. If I ask someone anyone how they are doing, “really” doing and open the door for a listening ear it could mean the world to that person and even be life changing…one question can do that…Imagine that…

Written by Shawna K Clark~ Founder of Shawna’s House Inc.

“Don’t Make Assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.”      ~~Miguel Angel Ruiz


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