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Yeah I’m talking to you at the desk stressing for cooperate America. Let’s see its only 9am and you can’t wait to leave ugh what a life. You know I would quit BUT where would I go, what would I do?

Ever just stare at the computer like this is some BS, this is not my passion so why am I here. This is my 6th straight 13hr day and all I have to show for it is sore feet, aching back, and extra money in my check that’s going straight to bills!!!!!!!!!!

How did I get so far off track of living my dream, doing what I love, and controlling my own destiny? You know what I’m going to live my dream But first let me get my credit straight…(what the heck).

Last time I looked on my credit report there was no item line or disclosure stating keep your butt at that job you hate waking up too until your score is 700. The fact is that there are hundreds of people waiting in line to replace you at your current non rewarding job. The minute you get burnt out or stop performing according to their crazy goals you are gone. (By the way who makes those goals up anyway half the time you’re committed to a goal you had no input in)

Ever find yourself saying who the hell came up with these numbers? How do they expect me to do this entire etc. etc.? The fact is they know no matter how much we whine and talk to our favorite vent buddy at work we will come in early or stay late to get the job done.

So the next time you are discussing work issues with a coworker and you say I would leave But I have no baby sitter think about if you did leave and live your dream could you be your child’s baby sitter. Couldn’t the kids see you not so stressed or better yet your spouse seeing you with more energy and drive.

The hardest thing for any of us to do is to step out on faith and say I’m not failing. Obviously we all need to Dream It, Plan It, and Just Do it. Most importantly is planning that escape from a world we can’t wait to leave at 5pm.

I heard Will Smith say one day that we all have greatness in us, we are no different then him. What separates him from us is that he recognized what his great talent was and mastered it.

Are you tired of waiting for that validation from your boss showing and saying how much you are wanted and needed?  Guess what if you are lucky you may have that boss that shows appreciation but up the cooperate ladder you are just an ID number.

Deep right? All these hours you are putting in, all the customers that you put up with, all the un-easiness of job security and all you are is still an ID number.

So from this point on stop saying the word BUT, you have one go around at this thing called life. I don’t know about you But I rather give my dream a shot and fail trying instead of being at my desk simply wondering…

Okay got to go another conference call ugh!

By Chef B of Chef Brian Clark Creations & Shawna’s House Inc. VP/Mentor

~a contributing writer for Shawna’s House Inc. Blog


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