Breathe, Stretch, Exhale, and Relax

Shhh it is quiet, there is not a sound to hear other than the smack of the waves and the chirp of the birds. My mind is in “relax” mode and my vision is clear. I am only focusing on being silent and living in the current moment. As I walk under the rays of the sun, and wish for more moments such as this – I am at peace.

That would be my brief description of me being mentally and physically at peace; at my happy place. I find solace in being near water on a sunny day and even during the rainy days. The waves help put my mind at ease.  The wave’s motion, sounds, and smell allow me to focus on whatever I want and however I want.  It took me a long time to figure out what would instantly calm me and or truly allow me to think….

Being a person always on the go, with a “to do” list longer than hours in a day or days in the week, it is important to me to find my inner peace. It can be exhausting mentally and physically to always rip and run, do for him, her, and for them, and plan/do multiple things.  I realized a while ago that I have to make time for me. Whether it is a half hour, half a day, and or a full day, I have to find time within the hustle and bustle of life- my life, to Breathe, Stretch, Exhale and Relax.

Some find this simple task almost impossible (peacefully breathing, stretching, exhaling and relaxing). Not because they do not want to but simply because they do not make the time to do so. There is every excuse in the book given as to why you cannot sit down and just take a breather. Even the idea that you could take 30 minutes to think in a silent place or walk around the neighborhood is far from your reach.

Well, I say, “Where there is a will, there is a way!” IF you have to plan out 15 to 30 minutes a week JUST FOR YOU TO DO WHAT MAKES YOU AT PEACE then that is what you need to do!  Find the time and make it happen.

Take a second right now and think about what today’s date is. Can you believe it is May? We have almost reached half of the year of 2012. How many days or even hours have you used on just you? Just for you to think, focus, and plan? Relaxing is an opportunity for you to rest not only your mind but your body. This easy to do task can help you think better, work better, be better and be less stressed! It is a chance to recharge yourself, get some energy to complete your long “to do” list. You know the never ending list! That list that seems to always be there; guess what if you take 30 minutes this week to find your own inner peace, your list will still exist. I promise.

Take it from me, the woman who is always on the go, find your happy special place where you can Peacefully Breathe, Stretch, Exhale and Relax. This is the “to do” list item you should complete…


Shawna K Clark

Opening the door to a better you and me…


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