Sense of accomplishment

Have you ever felt over whelmed with joy, love and happiness? It is not often that one gets this feeling and heck-many do not even ever feel it. Today, I am feeling an abundance of joy, thankfulness and a sense of accomplishment.

You know those projects that you keep telling yourself you can not do today? The things that you dream of doing but can not figure out a way? How about the things a close friend tells you that you would be great at and you should do it but you don’t….you come up with a million reasons as to why you can not.  Ugh excuses, day after day excuses…we all have them we support them we begin to believe them.

Sometimes we have to walk out on faith…take a leap! Stop letting those excuses define you and create your path of destiny. I too, often make excuses and I let those excuses guide my way. However, I have been working on me and those excuses. I have been listening to loved ones, those silent whispers of God’s suggestions and I am taking heed.

I have an amazing support group of family and friends. I have people from my present and my past that I am forever grateful to. Yes, even those that I no longer have a relationship with for one reason or another. I am thankful for them too.

It is a wonderful feeling to set your mind out to do something and complete it. When there is a will there is a way. I had a sit down with myself a while back and I created a mental list of things that I would do. I had no idea how, no idea when, no idea of who would be there for me and who would even care.  Sarcastically funny, how things change the older and wiser you become. It does not matter who, what, when, where and how anymore all that matters is me. All that you should consider is You-start listening; start planning and start creating your own destiny.

I once felt that I would be a great youth mentor-then I had a chance to do so and I am. I felt that I could and should create my own mentoring network-today I have. I was once told by a close friend (actually more than one) that I should become a child advocate through CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)-and my oh my how I made excuse after excuse about this one…Well…I am one today! What a life journey I am on…what an amazing sense of accomplishment I feel…I am so very thankful and grateful for the people who have been placed in my current and past circles…I am who I am because of their support, love and friendship…

Take a chapter out of my book and take a leap of faith…you can do anything that you set your mind out to do…

Thank you to my current circle-you know who you are…

Shawna K Clark

Opening the door to a better you and me~


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