Dress for the part

I have been holding out on this topic.  Today I realized I just have to get it out. People it is time for you to take ownership over your appearance! First impressions do matter, they do count and they can say a lot about your character.

I witnessed a conversion and it was not a first. Running late taking my son to school, I had to enter into the front of the building. This is because I had to get a late slip and the late slip table is right outside the main office (where the principal is).

I overheard an adult speaking with the office secretary (the adult was complaining) and the office secretary said and I quote “Well, are you the child’s parent?” the adult replied with an irritated tone “Yes, I am his mother”.  What caught my attention were the tones of their voices but second the mother was dressed in FULL PAJAMAS…REPEAT…FULL PAJAMAS…the bottoms, slippers, a coat opened to a tee-shirt and her hair was a tad messy too.

How can a person expect to be respected while outside in public in pajamas? I get that once upon a time someone “thought” this was a fashion statement. It was not acceptable then and is not now.  People have to start dressing for the part they want to play in life.

For example, some offices have dress codes such as business casual; this does not mean you can wear a long sweater with tights and knee boots. Ladies save that for your social outings. And guys present yourself in a neat manner, try tucking in your shirt and buy a belt. Casual does not mean sloppy.

Russell Simmons once said and I quote “You are your brand”. Start showing people what you are all about-without words. Dress for the part. If you are looking to be promoted look like you deserve to be promoted to go along with your actions and work experiences.

Attire makes a statement. The way you dress is a self expression, what exactly are you trying to say?  Showing up to a job interview in wrinkle messy clothes tells the hiring manager that you do not care about the job or their time. When you look nice you feel confident and confident sells!

Dressing for the part that you want to play in life may make the difference between you getting that job promotion or not. Or something as simple as respect! You should always dress in what makes you feel good and look good. Tell yourself-you deserve to look your best at all times.

The next time you get dressed look in the mirror and ask yourself are you dressed for success or failure?



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