“Do you feel the world is treating you well? If your attitude toward the world is excellent, you will receive excellent results. If you feel so-so about the world, your response from the world will be average. Feel badly about your world and you will seem to have only negative feedback from life.” –John Maxwell

I read this and answered the question for myself. Often times I feel excellent and other times I feel so-so about my world. I bet we all can admit to that. Thing is our attitude decides our success; our success in everything that we do, say and feel. The above quote will mean something different to us all and we will all have different responses. No matter how you answer, the end result is that our attitude is the only word/behavior that can determine an outcome for us.

Your attitude can make something possible or prevent a possibility. How many times have we witnessed a person’s negative attitude change the mood of an entire room of people? How many times have we become happy based off of someone else’s positive attitude? This happens because attitudes are contagious. Attitudes are more honest than any word we will ever say. It is a behavior, a feeling from inside, which is expressed by the way we act and look. It is a behavior and body language that is easily understood without making a sound.  Your attitude can attract people or have people repel against you.

If you have a negative attitude it will cause you to be close minded and could be the reason you miss opportunities. If your attitude is positive your mind will expand and open the door for improvement and opportunities.

Some of us are good at covering up what we feel inside. Our attitude will be the complete opposite of how we are “really” feeling. Problem is everything done in the dark will soon come to light. Hiding and pretending only lasts for so long. The real attitude soon surfaces and it affects the individual and others around them.

There is no better time than the present to take ownership of your attitude and make some life adjustments. Wake up and realize that your attitude is affecting your relationships, your job and your outlook on the world. You have the ability to do all that you want but your attitude is probably holding you back. Our attitudes create our environments mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Start asking yourself what type of attitude you should have to get what you desire. Focus more on having a positive winning attitude. Surround yourself in environments and people that will help you maintain a good attitude. Or start creating a positive environment for yourself when the one you are in is not that great.

Your attitude is one of the things that you have total control over. Take ownership of it!


Opening the door to a better you and me…one attitude adjustment at a time…


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