Countdown to 2012

Now that we are into December 2011, this year is soon coming to a close. I like to use this last month of the year to reflect on what I have done and have not done.

What did you accomplish in 2011? What did you not accomplish? What did you do and what did you not do? How can you improve your way of life in 2012? How can you reach your goals in 2012?

It is important for us all to reflect so that we can correct. I personally have had some wake up calls in 2011 and I have accomplished a lot and I also have some incomplete projects.

I do not make resolutions for each New Year but I do take a look at what I have done so that I can do better and or make some corrections.

Reflecting on your past can help you see your future. Having a clear vision can create the path to fulfill your dreams. Once you figure out what you want for yourself how to get it will begin to happen. Get your self in a position to have a great 2012.

Create a vision board for yourself…A vision is inspiration…

A really good friend of mine introduced me to the world of vision boards…it is a constant reminder of where I want to be and or what I want to do. It is easy to create and I think everyone should have a vision board of their own.

Get yourself a cork board (small or large) and some push pins. Once you have your board put it in a place that you will see everyday. Put pictures and positive affirmations (ex. Magazine cut outs, newspaper cut outs whatever) on the board of things you would like to accomplish. Let this vision board become a constant reminder and motivation for you to reach your goals.

For example, my board has a picture of a woman full cap and gown with her diploma in her hand. Every morning and night I look at my vision board and see the things I would like to do and or goals I would like to reach. My board reminds me why I work so hard and why I do the things I do. AND on those days when I do not have the energy and drive to do what I should my board reminds me why I should! Another great thing about my board is seeing the things I have set out to do and have accomplished. It is rewarding to see how far I have come. Starting out with a vision and making it reality.

This is an easy simple tool that can help you get yourself on track for 2012 and years after.  Let’s start thinking about our success so that we can start living in it.



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